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community memberships: changed to moderated to prevent more spam

Hello Artlantans...

You all may have been seeing this crap, too, but I have deleted the posts and reported/banned the posters of two different spams in the past couple of days. It's possible the other mods have been catching other posts before I've seen them, I don't know, but I've been seeing it everywhere on the lj comms, not just this one, and am pretty damn sick of it.

I know it's frustrating as a community member because you can't report it yourselves, and just have to hope that a mod comes along to report/remove it eventually. Some of my comms aren't well-modded, and I sometimes end up with several posts of the same spam filling my friends-page to scroll past.

So I hope no one minds, but I wanted to alert you all to the fact that after this last one I went ahead and set membership in this community to be moderated. There are five mods for this comm and we will all receive an email when there is a request for membership, so I feel pretty certain that requests will be approved in a timely fashion, just as soon as we can look and be sure the person making the request is legit. The aim is not to exclude new members, but to eliminate crap that makes the internet less enjoyable for us all. I think the trade-off in a slight wait to the incoming member will be worth the community at large not continuously being afflicted with Russian porn until one of us happens to come to along to see it [since we don't receive any notification about that]. Hopefully you will agree, and if not, at least be reasonably nice about your disagreement when you comment. ;)

Enjoy your weekends, folks, and stay safe if the weather actually gets bad. It's been almost a year since Hotlanta 2010, I wonder if we will really see another so soon.
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