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CommonCreativ Magazine.

CommonCreativ is an Atlanta-based forum for local professionals. We are a trade & lifestyle publication with a heavy focus on reconnecting the creative community in and around the perimeter. Our media group has over 40 contributors from all over Atlanta, and the Southeast. In addition to the writing staff, some of the content is blogger-driven. With permissions of local bloggers, we will feature posts and links to their sites in an effort to connect the digital community.

This is the project I've been working on for awhile; I'm the managing editor of this magazine and I'm very excited about it, I think it has the potential to go far. It is the only publication of its type in not only Atlanta, but the entire Southeast, and we have a lot of pretty important people (such as our editor-at-large, Meredith Pruden) watching closely to see how we do; our writing and editing team comprises professionals from Conde Nast, Modern Luxury Group, and others. We're planning to release the print copy of our quarterly magazine in December, and the digital copy a month before that.

And we want YOUR involvement. Repost this. Tell all your friends, whether you're in Atlanta or not- everybody might find something that interests them. Visit the site, check out the featured artists, give us feedback on what we should be covering to build our creative community.


If you are interested in contributing, leave a comment or drop me a line at intrikate88@livejournal.com to let me know!
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